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"Steve Belfer's animated ingenuity always surprises me in the best way possible!"

 Mark Osborne, Director, "Kung-Fu Panda"


Steve's technical prowess and ability to make an emotional connection with his audience makes Steve one of my favorite people to work with!



Matt Angorn, VP Creative, Shutterstock


"Steve's consistently innovative design, creative storytelling, and animation industry insight made him an invaluable resource when putting together branded entertainment campaigns and original animated programming"

Josh Rinsky, Director Sales & Business Development, Metacafe, Adobe

Consulting Opportunities

Ideation and original content development

Cross platform content strategies

Animation directing & producing

Advertising and marketing promotions

Website design, planning, and development

Story & character development

Flash animation production

Building specialized creative teams

Enhancing strategic partnerships

Estimating budgets and schedules


Speaking engagements / Panelist topics

How to build and manage a creative team

Independent Filmmaking

Brainstorming and nurturing creativity

The science behind cartoons.

Behind the scenes at Warner Bros. Online.

Practical advice on creating animation



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